• Come to study in our practical cuisine and pastry courses that are industry-recognized for
    professional chefs, managers, or business owners within the food and hospitality industry
  • What we offer

    Develop your career as a chef.
    Complete and comprehensive training in cuisine and pastry. From bases to the most innovative techniques used in the best restaurants around the world.


    Restaurant management skills with practical examples.


    New technologies and trends in food and industrial production.


    World-class chefs who will teach you specialties from different countries.

  • You will get the following broadly appliable SKILLS

    • Cook at low temperature and vacuum.
    • Molecular gastronomy.
    • Cook with nitrogen
    • Cuisine from different countries of the world.
    • Traditional Mediterranean and European cuisine.
    • Pastry and baking techniques.
    • Catering business management.
    • Neuromarketing.
    • Vegan cuisine.
    • Nutrition and biotechnology. Food design.

    Our teaching staff consists of Active Chefs:

    • Who work in restaurants.
    • Dedicated to R&D for the food industry
    • Advise the best brands related to the gastronomic world.
    • Have written specialized cooking books.

    The perfect cocktail to transmit the best practical and theoretical knowledge of traditional gastronomy and the one that will come in the future.
  • Cooking your future

    The food industry and the restaurant world present new challenges.

    The catering industry needs new professionals.

    Our course is business-oriented.  

    We focus on the most innovative techniques to answer the challenges the production demands.


    Learning by doing hands-on cooking classes. 

    The best way to learn is to touch, cook, and taste the largest variety of ingredients from all over the world.

    All students will be able to taste their creations.

    Professional Executive Chef Diploma - 600h.- will be given to our students by Enjoy Cooking Barcelona.


    Private classes. 4 people maximum group.


    We adapt our program to your needs to achieve your goals.


    We focus on every student to improve their capabilities: 
    a tutor will help you maximize your potential, develop your skills, improve your cooking performance, and progress in your professional career.


    If a new wave of the COVID pandemic comes, the group will be divided to allow us to keep teaching without any risk*


    * Schedules might be affected.

    January 2021- August 2021.

    600 hours course.

    4 hours per day.  Monday to Friday.

    Visits might take a longer schedule.

    Christmas holidays: from December 23rd to January 7th.

    The course will be taught in Spanish and English.


    Internships in high-level restaurants and hotels are possible, and the school manages them for you.


    We can provide accommodation if needed.


    We will visit exciting markets, wineries, and restaurants throughout the course to improve your knowledge.


    We will program gastronomic- cultural outings to fulfill our students' requests.

    Enjoy Cooking Barcelona- Coquus was born in 2006.
    Great chefs from around the world have collaborated with us since then.


    We have Miele's support, and much of our material is from WMF and SCHOTT ZWIESEL.


    Our goal is to offer the highest quality in a professional environment.

    Tuition fee: 2.200 €
    Discount 1.100€ (50%) on tuition fee if you enroll before August 1rst.

    Professional Chef knives and uniforms*: 600 €

    Monthly payment x 9 months: 1.500€
    Quarterly payment option 5% discount (675 €) : 2 payments 4.500 + 1 payment 3.825€
    Option 1 single payment 10% discount (1.350€): 12.150€

    * Uniforms: includes 2 chef’s jackets, 2 pants, and 2 kitchen aprons and clogs.
    Professional chef knife set.
    All ingredients, gastronomic visits, accident insurance (at school) are included.



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