• Become a professional chef in Barcelona

    Become a professional chef in Barcelona.
    Learn in our practical cooking and pastry courses.
    Industry recognized for professional chefs, managers, or owners of catering businesses and the food industry.

  • METHODOLOGY: learn by doing. 99% practical course

    The best way to learn is to touch, cook, and try the widest variety of ingredients from around the world with the best techniques; both traditional and those that mark the future.

    In the class, there is a maximum of 8 students who cook each dish. A chef-professor advises and corrects you on the fly so that everyone learns while practicing.

    At the end of the class, we will taste your creations and we will value them to learn from mistakes and improve.

    We want you to understand the reason to apply the best technique for each dish, and why you obtain a certain result by doing it.

    Besides, you will learn how to manage restaurants with practical examples (including gastronomic visits). 

    We will teach you new technologies and trends in food and industrial production. 

    World-renowned chefs who will teach you specialties from different countries.

    A single group of eight people (a minimum of 5 students).

    We adapt our program to your needs to achieve your goals.

    We focus on each student to improve their abilities:

    A tutor will help you maximize your potential, develop your skills, improve your culinary performance, and progress in your professional career.

    If a new wave of the COVID pandemic arrives, the group will split to allow us to continue teaching without risk *

    * Schedules may be affected.

  • You'll get the following widely applicable SKILLS:

    • Low temperature and vacuum cooking.
    • Molecular gastronomy.
    • Cook with nitrogen
    • Dishes from different countries of the world.
    • Traditional Mediterranean and European cuisine.
    • Pastry and baking techniques.
    • Management of catering companies.
    • Neuromarketing.
    • Vegan cuisine.
    • Nutrition and biotechnology. Food design.


  • Mediterranean cuisine

    The bases of Mediterranean cuisine.

    We focus, above all, on Spanish, French, and Italian cuisine.

    You will learn the main techniques for cooking and handling ingredients.

    We will start with the most representative cuts, broths, mother sauces, and dishes of Mediterranean gastronomy until we get to the most current traditional cooking techniques.

    Fresh pasta, rice, tapas and pinchos, creams and soups, fish and seafood cooking, meat cooking, stews, legumes ...
  • The best dishes in the world

    You will cook the most representative dishes of world gastronomy.

    Our teachers - gastronomy experts from around the world - teach you the secrets of the world's most acclaimed dishes.

    New cooking techniques, surprising ingredients, and spices ...
  • Business management and design

    Food & Beverage. Business design. Management adapted to different catering business models to obtain the best performance.

    Neuromarketing. The intelligent management of emotions in business.

    Design your own project and develop it during the course by the hand of our teaching staff.

  • Diet and nutrition

    Cook healthy, in a balanced way.

    Adapt the diets to the needs of each person. Know - in a practical way (cooking) - the main allergies and pathologies that you will have to attend to as a cook.

    Basic hygiene and food safety concepts for you to cook safely.

    You will learn concepts of food microbiology, personal hygiene, cleaning and disinfection, reception of raw materials, storage, commissioning, recycling, waste management ...

    You will obtain the food handler certificate, necessary to work in hospitality establishments.
  • XXI Century Cuisine

    Traditional evolved cuisine. Casual food, urban food, organic food ... the trends of the moment.

    New ways of understanding food. Change the conception of the dishes.

    New cooking techniques:

    Vacuum cooking: conservation and cooking. Production organization. New textures and flavors.

    Molecular cuisine: understanding the chemical reactions in the kitchen. Texturizers, biotechnology, and solutions for industrial production.

    Cook with nitrogen: experimenting with coldness.
  • Pastry

    From tradition to innovation. The most refined techniques to obtain the most delicious and surprising desserts.

    Learn how to make creams, mousses, and meringues, all kinds of doughs (crunchy: shortcrust pastry, sandy dough (sugary and breton), puff pastry. Blanched: choux pastry, churros dough. Airy or fluffy: basic sponge cake, biscuits, dacquoise Enriched aerated: cupcake, Genoese, gioconda, plum cake.), Baking processes: bread dough. Chocolate treatment, ice cream ...
  • Enology and cocktails

    The perfect complement to a good gastronomic offer.

    Learn how to manage it.

    Pairings, combinations.

    The contribution to the profit margin.

    We will visit the best markets, wineries, and restaurants throughout the course to improve your knowledge.

    We will program gastronomic and cultural outings to satisfy your requests.


    Professional Executive Chef Diploma

    600 hours - will be delivered to our students by

    Enjoy Cooking Barcelona.

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